About me

Hello, I'm  Oscar. I live in Italy on Lake Como.

I had the opportunity to shoot weddings in Italy, Montenegro, Turkey and each film is unique in its own way
. A timeless classic, elegantly combined with dynamic shots. I really love Netflix and documentaries, so it just so happens that these two passions perfectly form my wedding films 


   Since I am a loving family man, it is easier for me to convey the values ​​of family life in my films

Montenegro - small Italy

One&Only Portonovi

Dukley hotel & resort

 Italy, Villa "Balbianello"

Baku, Four Seasons

Mountains and Lovers

I really like the atmosphere of the mountains and the chamber wedding. 

The look of people in love always charges me with pleasant energy

"Cuba" your mom and dad have become family!

A family that loves their dog very much and she loves them even more in return! And of course, the Mexican vibe and beautiful people in a very beautiful location will not leave you indifferent to this film.

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